Key features of Helix folding bike

People living in a small space are always worried how they can own a bike? Always thinking that where to place this comparatively bulky sort of equipment? It is usually annoying to carry such a huge sized bike in a public place. One of the solutions to these several problems is to own a flexible bike that can be folded easily anywhere such as Helix folding bike. Ultimately these folding bikes have several drawbacks such as they possess smaller wheels, they are heavier in size and one looks awkward while riding such a strange bike. Ignoring such minor drawbacks, we have proposed this article to help you know about the features of folding bikes as they are easy to handle.

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Structure of Helix folding bike:

  • Helix folding bike is very much lighter, smaller and very safer than any other folding bikes of the world. It is an innovative folding bike designed on new technology.
  • It possesses big wheels, its body is made up of titanium frame and it is especially designed in Canada.
  • It was designed as the world’s smallest bike having most compressed folding compared to the other folding bikes of the world.
  • It easily folds to the ground to the size of its wheels. It can be rolled on its own wheels when folded having combined stand to stop on.
  • As it possesses large wheels therefore this bike looks normal but it can be unbelievably folded to a very small size.
  • You can easily place it under your working table or in your car and also it can be packed in your suitcase due to its incredible small size, it fits easily anywhere.
  • It opens up several ways of opportunities for the riders. It will surely change the way you transform, travel on your bike and the way you live with your bike.

Functions of Helix folding bike:

To create a safer lock the Helix folding bike is designed in such a way that copyright pending spring laden locking mechanisms go by the fork and steerer tubes. This design is essentially safe. The reason of easily folding of this bike is the combination of side-by-side folding and copyrighted pending helical system.

The originator of this folding bike is the software developer Peter Boutakis, who designed this bike by keeping all the issues regarding a simple bike that is quite difficult to be handled anywhere. He designed this bike that is free of disadvantages that other typical folding bikes have. The foundation to the Helix’s design is its helical articulation, on which the two 24-inch wheels spin around, to either side of the one-piece body frame, that rest between the levers of the bike.


When the pedals and handlebars are folded by lowering the bike’s seat, the whole bike will now give the measurement of 23 by 25 by 9 inches (584 x 635 x 229 mm) that is not too much larger than its wheels. Its weight is just 21 pounds which is very suitable for the folding bike.

Japanese introduced folding bikes!

New bikes that have been introduced!

Folding bikes are pretty common nowadays. There are many types of folding bikes which have been introduced in the market. However the new Japanese Folding Bikes are the new kinds of folding bikes which been developed! These bikes can be folded in just two seconds. This means that you can fold them even while walking or while you are talking with someone else. These bikes do not have a new design yet as compared to other bikes, with the same designs, these happen to be the best!

Features of Folding Bikes Touring

Small and convenient to use!

This bike has a swing hinge design which is placed in the middle. This allows the bike to be folded in half. The design allows the bike to be neat and convenient to use. There is also a lever on the handlebar which is used to release the frame hinge. This will allow you to bring your rear wheel in the front as well. These bikes slide forward this then allows the bike to be folded in such a small size so that it can be carried easily and so that it does not require a lot of place as well!

Folding bikes hit the waves!

Folding bikes are now really popular in Japan. People living in towns and cities prefer using folding bikes since they require less space. Those who own these folding bikes find it easier to park and store their bikes since they have nothing to worry about. They can easily place their bikes in limited spaces at their homes, store or shops. These Japanese Folding Bikes can also be folded and kept in lockers at the train station.

Since it is very difficult to use the underground trains if you happen to be riding a normal bike! You can not take it with you and would most definitely have to leave it somewhere else; increasing the chance of it getting stolen! So instead you can opt for folding bikes which you can take any where you like. The Japanese Folding Bikes are a bit pricey as compared to some of the folding bikes. However given the fact that it can be folded in just two seconds, makes it a better option than the rest of them!

Folding bikes; a better option than others!

Folding bikes have made lives much easier. It is just extremely easy to just unfold your bike when ever and where ever you like, so that you can ride them. And once you reach your destination you can just slide them and fold. Now you can carry them around with yourselves where ever you are going. People not only prefer folding bikes due to their size however they are also preferred due to the fact that they can be ridden at extreme fast speeds if required. Many companies have introduced new folding bikes with different variations to them. Just like these bikes introduced in Japan which happen to be amongst the most easily and quickly folded bikes ever!

What is wrong with these bikes?

Do you ever wish that the end of the lane would come to your vision making you realize that you’re nearly there? Hoping that your bikes will travel faster than they actually can! Yes well there are Gekko folding bikes, and if you happen to be using one of them then let me tell you this, it will never happen! These bikes can not be folded or even ridden!

What is wrong with these bikes2

Why are these bikes wrong?

These bikes have small wheels ranging from sixteen to eighteen inches. These folding bikes weight around almost fifteen kilograms, making them very difficult not only to fold but also to carry around after being folded. The components used in these folding bikes are poor; the bike looks horrible on the outside and is just too heavy to use!

The Gekko folding bike has a steel body also a bottom bracket. The side stand happens to be made of steel too and it also has large saddle. To top all this off the bike also has balloon tires which happen to be quite unnecessary, making this bike the heaviest bike ever. Despite the fact that it is common knowledge that folding bikes should be light in weight!

What a difficult task it is!

These bikes have to be folded and then have to be carried around, if they will weigh so much that is going to be a difficult task! The ideal weight for a folding bike is ten to twelve kilograms, where as the Gekko folding bike weighs almost about fifteen kilograms! Not only is this bike heavy but also extremely slow, you could be stomped over by a crowd of people easily.

The tires are not only puffed up but it is also difficult to adjust the front tire. These tires are easy to replace and extremely cheap, they are even used in children’s bikes. These have the ability to slow you down even if you are traveling down a hill! In other words due to these tires the speed of these bikes decreases by a huge amount. You will also face trouble will ascending a hill, foe most people the saddle height is too low!

Even if the Gekko had small tires it still would be difficult to fold it. The handlebars would need to be taken out and saddle would be needed to dropped down. Once the frame is folded it is seen that some parts stick out making the bike too bulky considering that it is called a folding bike.

These bikes can not be considered folding bikes at all.

In the end it all comes down to the fact that not matter what people say Gekko folding bikes can not be considered folding bikes at all. My friend if you happen to have muscles and can lift weights easily, then only can you lift the bikes! These bikes are difficult to handle, extremely heavy, and extremely slow! For those people who thought that these bikes could be used, sorry for the disappointment.

The Various Methods of Folding a Bike!

About the company:

Fuji folding bike is manufactured by a Japanese brand of bicycles that also provides cycling equipment. The name of the company is Fuji Bikes and it is an American owned company. The company is kind of an offspring of the Nichibei Fuji cycle company Ltd. Nichebei Fuji Cycle Company is a company that manufactures bicycle and was originally established in 1899 in Japan.

The name and logo for Fuji Bikes was derived from Mount Fuji which is a Japanese emblem that symbolizes endurance and strength. Fuji folding bike is one of the most successful creations that the company manufactured.

The Various Methods of Folding a Bike

Reasons of variations:

The Fuji folding bike has a number of ways in which it can be folded. There are no fixed folding mechanisms, instead, these mechanism vary. Each kind of fold offers a specific combination of the ease and speed of folding and the weight, price, durability, ride and the compactness of the bike. One to distinguish these bikes is by the complexity of the folding mechanism. A few of these folding methods are listed below.

Different styles of folding the bikes:

The first style of folding is half fold or mid fold. The folding frame follows the pattern of the diamond frame of the bicycle. However, the bike does feature a hinge point which might have one hinge or two hinges. These hinges allow the bicycle to fold exactly in half. The bikes also have quick release clamps which allow the person to raise or lower the seat column and the steering. Another swing hinge similar to the other one but be placed with the folding steering columns. In some bikes, the folding cycles may have larger wheels for those people who prefer the ride over the folding.

Another style of folding is the vertical fold. The bikes fold in a vertical manner with the help of hinges that are attached to the main tube and the chain. The seat stays in its place which allows the bike to fold vertically. As a result, the two leaves are left side by side however; this kind of folding style is more compact than folding the bike horizontally but it takes up less space to store these vertically folded bikes.

Another way of folding a bike is to use a triangle hinge. In this type of folding mechanism, there is a hinge fixed in the frame. This frame permits the triangle on the end of the bike and the wheel to be flipped forward and folded down in such a way that both these components end under the main frame of the bike. A flip hinge like this may be paired up with a folding fork in the front. In some frame of bikes, the swing hinge and the flip hinge may be combined if the bike uses a steering column which can be folded. The triangle folding mechanism also involves quick releases and latches. This affects the speed at which the bikes fold and unfold.

Key Features of the paratrooper folding bike

Riding bikes is a passion but riding a well standard bike which paratrooper folding bike has set a goal for themselves to use such bikes is a very good thing. These bikes are very classy and have a unique style; these are very comfortable which gives comfort. It gives best luxury supplies. And the services are much appreciated. The main goal is that the individual who buy this paratrooper folding bike has to be happy and to be safe and secure a good ride for the individuals who loves bikes. These bikes are made by the group of some exemplifies, which are still working on these bikes to give the best result and the best quality and the services to the customer.

Key Features of the paratrooper folding bike

Key features of the Bike:

The key features of the paratrooper folding bike are very attractive and classic for the individual who buy these bikes. The following are some properties of the items:

  • These bikes contains paratrooper folding bike dynamo hub. Which is very efficient and smart which gives power to the light and then the phones can also be charged.
  • Using these bikes is very easy and adjustable in only one hand. It can be folded very easily without any ones help.
  • The folding bike has very fewer tools and the gear of the bike is not so expensive.

Some other qualities are also mentioned as following:

  1. Quality

These bikes are very popular now that these bikes do not need any introduction because the bikes are very well aware and are very stylish, it is proved to have the best qualities and a big demand of having the folding bikes, because it is used in daily life work and it also gives self esteem satisfaction. It also gives profit to the users and the sellers. The folding bicycles have been inflowing because of the domestic use of these bicycles. It is the fact that clients are the expensive riches for boosting the business.

New Technology

There are some manufacturers which are offering product related new technologies and wants the bikes to be upgraded because of their new technologies, and up grading I a part of a new era. All the devices such as these bikes are made up of solid and sturdy materials. from this it is explained about these bikes efficiency.

  1. Innovative Designs

These bikes have great recognition sense and from this, it gives a pleasant effect to the creator and the customer that this bike is made o the modern bases techniques. It is serving in this field for more then 2-3 years, it offers a great style and gives a touch of modernism. It is up to date and in a formal way is it repaired and given a modern era touch.

  1. Extremely Economical:

The bike has a gear and the gear of the bike is very economical and simple to transport. It is very hard to find these bikes in stores. It is an outclass riding when there is no other source available to ride. it is a new equipment in the market which can be worked in any place.